La Mama is nationally and internationally acknowledged as a crucible for cutting edge, contemporary theatre in Australia. Valued by artists and audiences alike, La Mama is treasured for its continued advocacy for those seeking to explore beyond mainstream theatre; producing work by theatre makers of all backgrounds and encouraging works that explore, deconstruct and critique form, content and social issues.

By providing a low financial risk/high artistic risk framework, La Mama facilitates the presentation and ongoing development of contemporary theatre practice in Australia by a diverse range of theatre makers.

Since its inception in 1967, La Mama has been:

An Innovative Theatre

Maintaining a strong level of support for innovation through our exciting and diverse artistic program, La Mama remains responsive and flexible to artists needs and provide opportunities for the development of contemporary theatre practice.

A Developmental Theatre

La Mama remains committed to nurturing artists at all stages of their practice. This includes continuing support for young and emerging, mid-career and established artists as well as the provision of pathways for further growth and development.

An Inclusive Theatre

Key aspects of La Mamaʼ s artistic program are the principles of access and participation for all artists, theatre makers and marginalised community members. La Mama will continue to provide access to space, support and resources as well as maintaining an inclusive programming policy.

A Diverse Theatre

La Mama is proactive in programming works that reflect the complexity, diversity and richness of our communityʼs cultural mix. We seek to address discrimination by creating a welcome space for people of all backgrounds and supporting cultural diversity through programming.

An Accessible Theatre

La Mama provides audiences with access to unique and vibrant theatrical experiences that are affordable, engaging and welcoming. The La Mama experience is deliberately unpretentious, with complimentary tea and coffee, open fireplaces and homely hospitality, serving to break down the barriers to engaging with new Australian theatre.

An Iconic Theatre

Over its 47 year history, La Mama has become an Australian icon with the theatre receiving both State Heritage and National Trust classifications. La Mama is committed to the conservation and enhancement of the venue and the preservation of its significant cultural collection that documents the history of Australian theatre.

An Essential Theatre

Serving a large number of independent artists and maintaining strong connections within the sector, La Mama continues to thrive because it is needed. La Mama continues to grow and expand through co-producing relationships, continued involvement with festivals, touring and the development of new programs which respond to the needs of the community.

A Sustainable Theatre

True to its humble beginnings, La Mama retains its integrity as a modest theatre. By continuing to focus on generating, supporting, facilitating and developing new work in a manner that is in all ways sustainable, we ensure that La Mama will continue into the foreseeable future.