About La Mama

La Mama’s Mission & Values

Facilitating fearlessly independent theatre making.

La Mama Presents

 Supporting artists to present work through the standard La Mama model.

La Mama Creation

Supporting artists in the making of art.


First Nations Theatre at La Mama

Nothing about you without you.

La Mama Outreach

A focus on supporting those facing barriers to accessing the arts.

La Mama Engagement

Engaging school and tertiary students and institutions.

Advocating for artists and the arts and communicating La Mama’s rich and important history.

La Mama History

La Mama was established in 1967 by Betty Burstall.


La Mama People

Staff, Committee of Management and job opportunities.

Support La Mama

See how you can support us to continue supporting artists.

La Mama Policies & Reports

See our strategic plan for the future and the policies that support it.

As well as all our past AGR’s.