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With a rich history spanning over 50 years and a national profile, La Mama is Australia’s home of independent Theatre. It plays a critical role in the Australian cultural landscape, as a place for responsive, new, risk-taking work to occur. La Mama has a distinct artist focus, and provides a unique audience experience. Treasured for its advocacy for those seeking to explore beyond the mainstream, La Mama champions artistic individuality and freedom, prioritises accessibility, and celebrates a diverse community of artists and audiences alike. Providing the integral foundational resources and support for both new and experienced theatre makers, La Mama ensures artist remuneration, celebrates creative risk, and elevates the development of new Australian work.


La Mama’s primary mission is to discover, uncover, and provide a platform for new voices and ideas. We seek to support the development of the ever-evolving Australian voice, and we especially champion those artists, voices and ideas on the margins that are less visible in the mainstream. We are determined to grow our audiences and our reach throughout the community, so that La Mama is known everywhere as an accessible, approachable, welcoming place to experience theatre. We are determined, too, to be a place where artists feel welcome at all stages of their career, and where they can keep exploring their own ideas, and expanding their practice. We aim to inspire and provoke, to explore, and to encourage creative risk. We plan to remain that integral, necessary home of independent theatre making for another fifty years and beyond.

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