Facilitating fearlessly independent theatre making.

La Mama is Australia’s most vital, responsive, inclusive and diverse home of independent theatre-making. We believe in the power and possibilities of theatre and art for all people. La Mama is committed to a diversity of artistic approaches, to innovation and to exploring minority as well as general concerns. A vibrant space and prolific production house, La Mama has given initial exposure and support to thousands of playwrights, directors, actors, and technicians as well as poets, musicians, performance artists and experimental film-makers.

Our Mission is to discover, uncover, and provide a platform for new voices and ideas through theatre and art.

Our Fundamental Purpose is to provide independent artists from across Australia with opportunities to develop, practice and present work, by:

  • Enabling art making: Our unique programming and presentation model provides artistic teams with a modest production budget, full ‘no-rent’ venue access, marketing, ticketing, front of house, technical support and 80% box office return, allowing artists to focus on making art
  • Enhancing opportunities for artists: Our programs support artists in Presentation, Creation, Outreach, Festivals, Engagement, First Nations Theatre, and La Mamica (Multi-arts)
  • Empowering artistic freedom: As a hub for truly independent theatre in Australia, our commitment to minimal intervention in the creative process supports artistic risk and freedom
  • Engaging audiences as a community: We offer an affordable and hospitable cultural experience that appeals to a broad range of people
  • Equipping independent artists with skills to thrive: We provide services to independent artists including: script appraisal, industry advice, sharing opportunities and a space to connect, reflect, develop and create


  • Artistic Freedom: We do not impose artistic parameters
  • Artist Driven: Artists are at the core of our programming, programs and pathway opportunities
  • Theatre for All: We value participation and inclusivity for all (artists and audiences alike)
  • Diversity at Our Core:  Works by First Nations artists, artists with a disability, artists from all cultures, ages and genders are not labeled ‘diverse’, they are celebrated, championed and regularly programmed
  • Celebrating Creativity: We encourage exciting, adventurous, intimate, ambitious, risk-taking theatre and art