Green is the new black and here at La Mama we have just released our Sustainability Action Plan for 2015. We want to reduce our ecological impact, and that is why we have developed a new strategy to lower our consumption of water and energy.

Among other things we decided to reduce the number of our printed season brochures, to continue to print only on 100% recyclable paper, to offer our audiences the option of online show programs, to lower our building energy and water consumption, to raise artists awareness about their energy use, and to develop new projects to make La Mama become an energy-efficient building.

To know more about La Mama’s commitment to be greener, please read our Sustainability Action Plan here. To give feedback, suggestions or have a little chat about this program, please contact Caitlin Dullard our Company Manager by email at [email protected].



Online Show Programs

We are encouraging our audiences
to download our show programs at
the time of our performances.
Quick, readable, and eco-friendly,
these new programs are
downloadable the day of the
performance just here

La Mama Theatre’s former House Manager Lisa Hobartner talked in 2012 about the steps La Mama have taken to become more eco friendly and set an example for the rest of the community as part of the City of Melbourne’s Eco Carlton Carrotmob challenge.