An O.T.H.A.N. Theatre Company production

The Sublime in the Arts.

What is ‘it’ ? the overpowering, the awe inspiring, the terrifying ? (What else ?)

In the mind-fields of the all-swallowing modern era, has ‘its’ succinct meanings been devoured along the way ? (What is ‘it’ not ?)

It can be challenging, exquisite, incomprehensible, humbling … (What else ?)

So what might we uncover across five performances ?

A feint hint of The Sublime’s own universe ?

Are we, somewhat crassly, only interested in a conquest ?

Rather than search for ‘new’ meanings, the work may stray into that revered arena :
The beauty of the incomplete.
(Who knows ?)

Devised, directed and designed by Lloyd Jones in collaboration with The Ensemble

Performers include Jessica Cherry, Pippa Bainbridge, Robyn Clancy, Anna Ellis, Tim Ferris, Greg Fryer, Amber Hart, Maureen Hartley, Justine Jansz, Rosemary Johns, Liz Jones, Zac Kazepis, Peter Murphy, Elnaz Sheshgelani, Raymond Triggs, Darren Vizer, Scott Welsh, Rebecca Mezei, Evangeline Oster, Sandra Chui, Elena Larkin as well as guest performers.

Image by Lloyd Jones with Adrian Prosen

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