Three female playwrights from the Philippines explore three different contemporary issues: superstition, sexual assault and what it means to be an artist.

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by Maria Theresa Belleza

On a poverty-stricken island detached from health facilities, education, and proper authorities, two sisters struggle to keep their family alive whilst uncovering the abhorrent truths behind the superstitious beliefs of their village.   


by Pneuma Lorena Lorenzo

A lively, moved reading, this softly, softly short play has a big heart. Succinctly written by Pnuema Lorena Lorenzo, crisply directed by Lloyd Jones who vows – with help from Amber Hart as Clara – to commence with a blank canvas and end with a……(tba)        

Original Grace

by Dr. Elsie Martinez Coscolluela

 A look at sexual assault in the Philippines and how many victims keep silent to uphold the family’s reputation. What are the repercussions of these secrets? Is the death penalty justice truly served?

Directors: Kath Gordon, Lloyd Jones and Helen Doig.

Actors include Lily Hall, Tamara Donnellan, Joe Cook, Renee Gorczynski, Amber Hart, Cecilia Low, Miles Paras, Felise Moralas and Elmira Jurik.

Image by Tanya P. Lopez and August Melody Andong.

Content warning: references to sexual assault and child abuse.