In a pandemic world, only laughter can save us all. Mistero Fo(nic) is a chameleonic romp through reimagined Bible tales.

The Pandemic, the performers’ hardship and the need for good storytelling bring forth this adaptation from Dario Fo’s Comic Mysteries. Mistero Fo(nic) is a live Melbournian radio program in the middle of Pandemical times. It recaptures Jesus Christ’s Mysteries (told from Fo’s genius perspective) and transforms them into an experience driven by voices and soundscapes as used in the glorious times of Radio Theatre.

Director: Jaime Wilson-Ramirez

Producer: Samantha Urquijo-Garcia

Producer & Stage Manager: Luis Gaitan

Cast:  Camilo Cortissoz, Samantha Urquijo-Garcia, Jaime Wilson-Ramirez, Pilar Aguilera

Original music by Abe Dunovits

Dramaturgy by The Bridge Theatre Company

Image by Romolo Tavani & Vectorfusionart

Content warning: Religion and politics: A satirical version Jesus Christ’s mystery is at the centre of this show connected by political comments of the current time and how the government is facing this peculiar historic moment.