Through Comedy, tragedy, puppetry, truth and fantasy, Twigs That Never Took depicts a woman struggling to find the way forward. Time has moved on and she is no longer young, but she has an urgent need to relive her happier days as an attempt to stay positive and gain strength. She has always tried to do the right things in life, but things haven’t always turned out as she had hoped, so now it is time to find another way forward.

Like the cuttings she is trying to strike, she too wants to thrive and flourish.

Written and Performed by Donna De Palma

Produced by Donna De Palma and Lee Naish

Director: Carmel Hyland

Set design and construction: Lee Naish

Shadow puppets and screen maker: Peter Fernon

Sound and Lighting Technician: Teri Steer

Dramaturg: Angela Costi

Poster graphic design: Jean Watson

Publicity: Donna De Palma/Lee Naish/Maria Romnios

Image by Moira Callegari

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