a Robert Reid & MUST co-production

A new exploration of the Bacchae myths, steeped in ritual and rebellion. A female & non-binary identifying cast tell stories of women and cults who have challenged the patriarchal status quo throughout history. Forget the original Bacchus, where the women wait offstage while men try and fail to tell their story. In Robert Reid’s epic new text the women take centre stage en masse! This fierce retelling, inspired by Richard Schechner’s “Dionysus in ‘69”, weaves in classic and pop culture references from Sophocles to The Manson Family. Join the Cult. 

This production is shown in two parts over two weeks. 
Come the first week to see part one & the second week to see part two.

Alternatively, come on the weekend and see part one at 5pm and part two at 8.30pm

the kind of theatre that blows me away every time
-Anne Marie Peard,
Sometimes Melbourne.

MUST provides limitless scope for artistic development while consistently producing top tier theatrical performance.

– Danny Delahunty, Festival Producer, Melbourne Fringe

Script & Direction by Robert Reid

Assistant Direction and Musical Direction by Kelly Wilson

Assistant Direction and Movement Choreography by Sarah Macky

Produced by Georgia Kate Bell

Image by Julia Kaddatz

Featuring a dynamic cast of 40 women and non-binary actors, comprised of professional actors and emerging MUST performers including: Freya Pragt, Melanie Beddie, Sharon Kershaw, Jess Gonsalvez, Carissa Lee, Felicity Steele, Eleanor Howlett, Kerith Manderson Galvin, Casey Bohan, Peita Collard ,Tess Luminati, Shamita Sivabalan, Kathryn Yates, Ellen Grimshaw, Yoni Prior, Amanda Dhammanarachchi, Gillian Lee, Chelsea Rabl, Aileen Lau, Zainab Abdul, Alice Stewart, Celina Mack, Baria Khan, Jessica Hayden, Tijen Irmak, Bianca Montagner, Roxana Paun-Trifan, Xanthe Sefton, Ellen Ma, Audrey Li, Elena Fanaritis, Caitlin Harry, Georgina Bright, Mia Fine, Madeleine Brown, Gemma Livingstone, Agata Dmochowska , G Ulrich and Kelly Wilson.

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