How do we stay human in times of revolution?

The Reds once the powerless now the powerful. The Whites once absolute rulers now the powerless. The Tsar family are imprisoned by the Bolsheviks in a provincial house.  

It is a fact the Romanov girls performed Chekhov to pass the time under house arrest. 

But what happens in this last house – of existential chaos, youth versus age, hope versus paranoia, and love versus fear?   

“To Moscow! To Moscow! What are you waiting for?” 

A 2019 VCE Theatre Studies Unit 4 Playlist production

The audience is frequently dragged back and forth between light hearted antics, thrills of a Romeo and Juliet style romance with the realities of war and riotous revolution…
-8.5 out of 10 In Review

Playwright: R. Johns

Director: Alex Menglet

Production Design: Peter Mumford

Lighting Designer: Shane Grant

Sound Designer: Zac Kazepis

Stage Management: Julian Adams

Actors: Jim Daly, Roxana Păun Trifan, Gregory. J. Fryer, Anita Torrance, Adam May, Phil Roberts, Joanna Halliday, Huw Jennings, Maria Paula Afanador, Meg McKibbin, Natalia Rozpara and Kandice Joy.

Image by Peter Mumford in homage to Lazar Markovich Lissitzky

Jim Daly …Melbourne’s hidden treasure...

-Peter Green 3MBS 

The production is dedicated to Peter Stratford and his final stage performance as Dr Botkin in Tchekov at the House of Special Purpose