An ageing actress, a devoted young woman – what desperate memories bind them together? 

“You don’t know who you are, who you were, you know you have played,   you don’t know what you played, what you are playing,  you know you have to play, you don’t know what,  you play. 
Savannah Bay is you.” 

A young woman attends to Madeleine, an ageing actress – she may be her carer, she may be her grand-daughter. She desperately seeks to entice from her the fragile memories which bind them together – memories that have merged with a life immersed in the theatre. 

Life and art blur in this delicate production featuring Brenda Palmer as ‘Madeleine’. 

No Australian director is as attuned to Duras’ work as Laurence Strangio. … brilliant theatre, pure and simple.
– Cameron Woodhead, The Age 2016, on L’amante anglaise

Text by Marguerite Duras 

Performed by Brenda Palmer and Annie Thorold 

Directed by Laurence Strangio 

Presented with support from Alliance Française  

Laurence Strangio’s skilful direction is deceptively simple and his production is simultaneously intimate and alienating. … an engrossing theatrical experience with assured acting and direction.

– Kate Herbert, Herald Sun 2016, on L’amante anglaise
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