A story of friendship lost across a hundred years…

Set in 1890s Melbourne, “The Measure of a Moment” tells a coming of age story from the 1990s with rich characters and original music. 

A young banker, who wants to be a bohemian, befriends a grocer and banjo player. As their friendship develops and they come to terms with a changing world, they are challenged by a pusher of addictive substances and the challenges of adulthood.

With an ensemble of 8 actors, the play explores notions of masculinity, the creative process, social obligation, the lure of self-destruction, suicide and grief. The staged reading will include music.

Writer: Charles Mercovich

Director: Robert Johnson

Actors: Jessica Gadsden, Carissa McAllen, Abigail Louise Pettigrew, Jordan Chodziesner, Jesse Bouma, Holly Monks, Daniel Agar, Steve Rodan