It is 1774 in England, and Sir Percy’s Conquest aims to save lives and liberate London. 

It is 1774 and England Is bathed in sunshine. The reign of King George III is causing disdain and suffering. The rich are getting richer, the poor don’t even register. There is a crime wave sweeping London with the Common man with viral consequences of corruption through the King’s Court. 

Sir Percy Cavendish, thirty-nine, a society man, a man with a conscience, a leader of men. His mission to confront injustice and fight for a cause that resonates through his soul. He lives a double life of, our Percy, and his alias The Rose of the Valley’, only a few shall see. 

Please join us on a journey of danger, secrecy, sovereignty and freedom. 

You will fall in love with Sir Percy. He is charming, likeable and a man of wit. 

Directors –  Tina Fodera and Marty MonStar 

Writer: Marty MonStar 

Foley Artist  – George O’Hara 

Cast includes: Brendan Bonsack, Marty MonStar, Gerard Lewis-Fitzgerald, Tina Fodera, Sasha Cuha, Steve Smart and Eddy Burger.