A woman desires to purify herself to become a virgin of paradise.

Two women have passed on. After experiencing grave punishment, Asmara desires to transform into a Houri, a virgin of paradise. Safia, who had never married, assists her with this endeavour.

Make Me A Houri is a story of two women seeking to defy the external forces governing their bodies. It blends poetry, stylised physicality and unusual anecdotes to explore the relationship between the realms of the sensual and the spiritual, the mystical and the material.

Emina Ashman was a whirlwind of passion, wisdom and elemental emotion.
– Girls on Key

Written by Emina Ashman

Directed by Stephanie Ghajar

Set and Costume Design by Lara Week

Lighting Design by Shane Grant

Stage Management by Jordan Carter

Sound Design by Sidney Millar

Performed by Emina Ashman & Nisha Joseph

Publicity by Eleanor Howlett (Sassy Red PR)

Photographed by Keith Costelo

some of the performers (…) [Nisha] Joseph, especially – are natural comediennes

The Age