1950s Bulgaria. Stalin is in power. The door bell rings. The typewriters of the secret service tap, recording lives. This woman lives alone and writes stories; ogres, princesses, myths. Her reality is more frightening than her stories. There is nowhere to go where they are not watching. Tap, tap. A room of secrets and files. They mount up over the years and dust gathers. It’s hard to find out what is true, what is a lie.

[Uncle Vanya] is multi-layered…there are generations of history, layers of grief, cycles of regret and hope. Like a tree, it is a living thing. 


Written and performed by Bagryana Popov 

Directed by John Bolton 

Designed by Lara Week 

Lighting Design by Bronwyn Pringle  

Stage Manager Julian Adams 

Image credit: Tess Hutson and Ponch Hawkes

Production shots by Justyn Koh

[Uncle Vanya is] a magical, intense and extraordinarily special experience. ★★★★★

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