Marvellous is a play about the everyday lives and extravagant, sometimes fantastical inner lives of two nonagenarian women and their 60+ plus daughters.

Marvellous inter-weaves the voices and psycho-physicalities of elderly mothers and their daughters: their connectedness, their failing/falling bodies, their wayward memories and inventions.

There is loss here – of control of faculties, of mental capacity, of bodily functions, of beauty – and a dark physical comedy is discovered in the changing shape of relationships between mother and daughter. There is also tenderness, and compassion for the ordinary pain of our lives together and in the cherished and lovingly curated archives of our human bodies in decline.

I imagine a movement, a change, a rise in her chest

Writers/performers Hester Joyce and Meredith Rogers

Director/Dramaturg Maude Davey

Composer Madeleine Flynn

Lighting Designer Gina Gascoigne

Stage Manager Tegan Hutchison

Image by Ponch Hawkes

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