This is a song for Garcia Lorca
Who; like many who looked
For a future but were 
Murdered by the past

On Tuesday night 18th August 1936 Frederico del Sagrado Corazon Jesus Garcia Lorca better known as Garcia Lorca was taken by a Francoist death squad from the house of a friend in Granada; driven to a field near the farm called Cortijo de Gazpacho and shot dead. His remains are still await exhumation; like 114,266 other Republicans dead. GAZPACHO takes up an oral history story from later in the Civil War of four Republican prisoners awaiting their last dawn.

Written by Peter Green

Director/Composer Dramaturg Faye Bendrups 

Research/additional dramaturgy Guillermo Anad 

Cast: Jim Daly, Julie Dawson, Peter Green, Dion Mills, Louisa Williamson. 

Download: Accessible Program here (word doc)