I just want to tell you this one thing about my mum
Then I’ll tell you
How Echidna, the Greek Goddess who mothered all monsters inhabits my bones
I’ll take a deep breath and realise
What if it all ends here
With me.

Through physical theatre and a little bit of acting, Unsuckle will take a good hard look at the concept of the mother. Our own mums, the mums who came before us, and whether, in an age of uncertainty, there will ever be a ‘right time’ for us to be mothers ourselves.

I think about my mum, and her mum, and then think about me being a mum, and then think about when and if to be a mum, and then mother earth,
and I’m like fuck.

Created by: Harriet Wallace-Mead, Isabella Vadiveloo, and Josiah Lulham

Directed by: Isabella Vadiveloo

Performed by: Harriet Wallace-Mead and Josiah Lulham

Sound Design: Jess Keeffe

Design: Freya Allen

Stage Manager: Christa Jonathan

Lighting designer: Kit Cunneen

Mentor: Lara Stevens

Image by Darren Gill

Content Warnings: Dynamic lighting, loud music, infanticide, animal birth imagery and stylised simulated vomiting