An Australian Gothic, Kafkaesque tale about a young woman’s investigation into Australia’s Phantom Cat.

Sally’s busy life as a city-living student does not fulfil her. Her boyfriend James won’t please her. Her mother won’t help her. Maybe a road-trip to research the urban legend of Australia’s Phantom Cat will bring a little interest to Sally’s life. 

In the bush of Gippsland, The Tom waits. This big cat has feasted on cattle, taken domestic pets and created excitement in the day-to-day lives of Gippsland’s residents. Were its ancestors panthers, abandoned by the circus? Or is it the reincarnation of a long-dead bush-ranger? 

Sally tries to find the answers, and slowly loses herself.

Written by Hayley Lawson-Smith 

Directed by Hayley Lawson-Smith 

Produced by David Lawson-Smith 

Photography credit: Elena Vizerskaya

‘The next forty minutes that follow are possibly some of the cattiest and funniest that the audience will experience.’

– Stacey Waters, reviewing Pretence at The Butterfly Club 

‘Hayley Lawson-Smith has written such an excellent play.’

Kris Weber, reviewing We Three, at Gasworks Arts Park