In the Mirror is about Shaun a white Australian who comes from a broken, poor working-class family, Virginia who has fled her war turn,  repressive and despotic government that control her country to live in a free, democratic and peaceful society who are desperately looking for proper jobs.  It is also about indifferent, detached and narcissists Paula and Paul and how they abuse their power toward Shuan and Virginia in the interviews they conduct with them, as well as their junior colleague  Hendro, a second-generation migrant who dreams and aspires to become like them.  

Written & Directed by Mammad Aidani

Image by Darren Gill

“In the Mirror explores otherness through the stressful episode of a job interview. Mammad Aidani employs mirrors in his play as a symbolic representation of his theme”

“…This play represents a voice from newcomers to our society who write from its margins with powerful representations of both the other and ourselves.”  

The Age- August 5, 2002, Helen Thomson