A Competitive Deconstruction of Ibsen’s Greatest Heroine.

Hedda Gabler was a Feminist battle-cry in 1891, but 129 years later, do we need more stories about bourgeois angst and pretty-dead-women?

Each night, three women will compete against each other to decide who will play Hedda in each scene. The roles will not be predetermined. The competitions will be real.

Blurring the worlds of fiction and reality, Hedda GablerGablerGabler interrogates the actors’ personal dedication to this iconic part. Why are we so obsessed with Hedda? What does it mean to play her? And how should we interact with a literary canon that prioritises the experiences of the privileged?

 ‘Vital and enlightening […] Risky and lively […] The stakes are very high in these drama games.’

– Suzanne Sandow, Stage Whispers (2019)

Conceived and directed by Mary Angley
Co-created and performed by Caithlin O’Loghlen, Emma Jevons, and Sarah-Jayde Tracey
Dramaturg: Meta Cohen
Lighting Designer: Merissa Tang
Sound Designer: Olivia McKenna
Production Manager: Max Woods
Images by Darren Gill