Clara is the story of a feminist icon and ground-breaking classical composer, Clara Schumann. No, not Robert Schumann – Clara Schumann! A date. Three classical composers. Romantic mayhem.

This one-woman show might be set in the past, but it tackles issues that are relevant and topical with irony and sensitivity, and poses questions we still, haven’t answered in the 21st Century.

‘A stunning performance and unapologetic but respectful writing. Remarkable and elegant through and through. A complete artistic endeavour’

-Live London Post

‘An evening of grace, humor, revelation, deeply and thoughtfully wrought and beautifully written conversation with an icon of feminism from a time long before that term even existed’ 

Noho Arts District, Los Angeles

Writer, Producer & performer: Elena Mazzon

Director: Catriona Kerridge

Musical Director: Stefania Passamonte

Voice & Movement: Peter Warnock

Image by: XL Films – Justin “Juice Black”

Download Accessible Clara program in Word Doc format HERE