Haven’t you always wanted to know how to create a really great Media Release?

A good media release starts with the basics: a strong message and a clear purpose. In this workshop, join Pitch Projects’ director Anna Lensky to learn how to sort what goes in and what stays out of an effective media release. Find out who you’re writing for, what will get them interested in your show and as well as a few tips on what else you might need beyond just the release.Anna brings two decades experience promoting events and culture as well as a nuanced understanding of Australia’s media landscape and will take you through the fundamentals of earned media, the strategic thinking that underpins your media release, plus how to structure your release, draw out the right angle, and ensure you don’t miss any important details.

Presenter: Anna Lensky – Pitch Projects

Anna Lensky – Pitch 

With extensive experience promoting public events and agenda-setters, Anna Lensky is one of the founding directors of Pitch Projects Communications. With a deep understanding of audiences and Australia’s cultural landscape, Anna has had a hand in launching both The Wheeler Centre and The Monthly magazine. At Pitch, she continues to enjoy the challenge of launching new initiatives like Red Room’s bold national celebration, Poetry Month, and Monash University’s world-first gender and space research group, XYX Lab. In collaboration with La Mama’s in-house team, Pitch managed PR for La Mama’s Rebuild campaign and the reopening War-Rak/Banksia festival in 2021. In addition to publicity campaigns for culture and the arts, her work includes awareness raising and engagement campaigns that bring together diverse stakeholders, advocates, influencers and traditional media. 

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