There is an explosion in the ‘east’, one of the last untouched parts of the land where villagers inhabit. A significant mountain has exploded, troops from the ‘west’ are seen cutting the forest to pillage and mine the land for its rich resources to reclaim the land that was once theirs. Families have perished and the citizens need help. The land is at the brink of disaster: floods, droughts and fires ravage the ‘east’. ‘Hoppy Young’ is a multi-arc narrative depicting themes of citizenship, political mythology, justice, sovereignty, democracy, and tyranny containing themes of evil and power, climate change, morality, conscience, and cultural heritage. The lively characters debate the custodianship of their contested history, especially their relationships to the past and their neighbours, as Machiavellian forces conspire against them. Written in verse to depict an archaic tone whilst set in a dystopian not-too-distant future, evocative soliloquies, and supernatural elements, ‘Hoppy Young’ sees a band of colourful characters such as Tuppo, Worm, Rat, Wolf, and Hoppy, polarised by the ambitious, scheming Roughnut, who will do anything to achieve power and notoriety. Featuring Corey Sailor-Brunskill, Callum Bodman, Jaden Ong, Annaliese Cartwright, Zoë Hadler, Ben Goss, Joel de la Motte and Cian Morgan.

Written and directed by Robert Lewis