Join fiction writer and poet Marion May Campbell, photographer Jane Brown and Monica Raszewski to celebrate the publication of Monica Raszewski’s short novel The Archaeology of a Dream City. 

Born and raised in Australia, Martha longs to return to Nadwodom, in a country called Czawa, where her parents and family grew up. As she stumbles upon the works of an Australian photographer who once photographed the countryside in Czawa, Martha’s own journey begins to unfurl. She meets her cousin, Klara, who helps Martha discover the multi-layered pattern that connects her present world and the history of a city that remains deep in the shadows of their family’s memories.  

The Archaeology of Dream City explores the importance of remembering our histories and uncovering what has been lost. It is a story of the need to create, and a story of love that cannot be lived without the past being excavated.  

Jane Brown’s photographs punctuate chapters in the novel to provide a figurative reading of the text and will be screened during the launch. There will be a reading from the novel and copies will be available for sale at the event. 

Images:  Photographs by Jane E Brown copyright © 2021 Jane E Brown 

Live music: The Matt Steele Duo