Box  invites the audience into immersive sonic worlds inspired by visual collections of small journeys and experiences. Box is the third iteration of Sound Stories, an ongoing series from Rebecca Hart (sound, visuals), exploring acoustic spaces from studio to warehouse.  

ThunderGrass is a new quartet of old friends summoning a storm of tightly wound improvisations in a whirlwind of sound. Howling horns Ros Jones (trombone) and Gemma Horbury (trumpet) meet rumbling drum ‘n’ bass Nat Grant and Miranda Hill as the squall approaches. 

1 – “Box” 

Rebecca Hart (sound, visuals) 

2 –“ThunderGrass” 

Ros Jones (trombone) 

Gemma Horbury (trumpet) 

Miranda Hill (bass) 

Nat Grant (drums) 

Images by Bryony Jackson and ThunderGrass