[UPDATE] It is with regret that we have decided to cancel La Mama Musica March. Due to several musicians not being unable to perform.

While this event will not be occurring, you are still welcome to purchase tickets as a donation to artists. Thank you for your understanding!


On March 16 La Mama Musica will host a field experiment by HAIL (Human and Artificial Intelligence Laboratories). The audience will become participants of a “new science” study designed to teach the state-of-the-art computer Omega2045 embodied human ways of “being in the world”. 

Don’t miss this opportunity to teach this super A.I. some real sensory skills! It’s a unique chance to learn what human corporeality has to offer to the most sophisticated of A.I. machines. Your contribution to the noble transhumanist cause will be appreciated by future generations of noble transhumans.

Led by a group of distinguished vocal anthropologists, the experiment will run in 1 session starting at 7.30. It involves medium level participation and a walk outside, including up and down stairs (you will need to use your hands, probably some of your senses, maybe your gut feeling and possibly empathy).

The number of tickets is restricted to 20. Please arrive 10 minutes before.

Lab Directors: Zulya Kamalova & Maude Davey, OAM

Vocal Anthropologists: Mal Webb, Ria Soemardjo, Dan Witton, Jeremiah Rose, Nick Wies 

La Mama Musica is curated by Gemma Horbury

Images Zulya Kamalova by Darren Gill 

Music vs The Algorithm