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Sounds Like Us, Like Love draws loosely on the performance-lecture by mining Anna Liebzeit’s 20-year strong sound and teaching archives to present a suite of audio vignettes, emblematic of her curious and eclectic nature. Utilising live voice, electric guitar, electronic production and audio spatialisation Liebzeit’s storying aims to weave in the broader theme of Aboriginal people as ‘the perfect stranger’, a term coined by Canadian Aboriginal scholar Susan Dion.  Anna’s passion with audio as an expressive medium is part of a larger survival story that is inextricably entwined in the transformative potential of working with the immaterial including art, education… and love.

The heartbeat of kipli paywuta lumi was a 60-minute sound piece produced by Koori artist Anna Liebzeit in collaboration with palawa kani speakers. Capturing and combining the unique sounds of the Cape Barren Island fiddle played by Merinda Sainty, Country and language, Liebzeit’s hauntingly powerful soundtrack vibrates through time and place, creating a fluid narrative of Pakana connection to the elements.  – Artlink, 2020

Written and performed by Anna Liebzeit

Audio spatialisation by Steve Stelios Adam

Haunted by Blak Metal

Brutha Ngurran: protector

Image by Kim Tonelli