Cinematica’s #3 edition features an impressive line-up of Australian filmmakers including Melody Woodnutt, Grace Tan, Jessica Barclay Lawton, Alex Cardy, Paddy Hay & Louis Marlo. This series aims to gently explore Gender, Sexuality and our Natural Environment. How these concepts connect to each other (or not) is explored through the moving image and expressed using different filmmaking techniques (16mm, VHS and HD) as well as alternative styles of storytelling.


  1. Paddy Hay is an emerging filmmaker whose work encompasses experimental cinema, narrative and documentary. His interests include analogue filmmaking, primarily small-gauge Super 8 and 16mm formats, and the notion of DIY aesthetics. He is a member of the Melbourne-based film collective Dogmilk, as well as the Artist Film Workshop lab (AFW).
    Louis Marlo is a Melbourne based composer, sound artist and the owner of Felt Sense Records. His work revolves around the marriage of processed based electronics, hand cut tape manipulations and a sonic response to the moving image.

  2. Alex Cardy is an award-winning director of photography who works across feature films, short films, documentaries, visual installations and expanded online projects. She has a passion for hybrid filmmaking and working between narrative and documentary projects and was recently awarded the gold cinematography award for documentary at the 2020 Australian Cinematography Society Awards for Victoria & Tasmania.

  3. Melody Woodnutt is a descendant of the pirate, Blackjack Woodnutt, and has rambled around the world before landing in Melbourne in 2018. An artist working with 16mm film her work conjures vignettes of otherworlds, visceral poetic imagery, and neo-gothicisms. Biennally she is the artistic director of international film platform, The Weight of Mountains which uses film as research in-the-field to explore psycho-geographies and connections between humanity and environment over temporal and geographic dis/connects.

  4. Jessica Barclay Lawton is a Naarm (Melbourne) based Writer + Director. Her directorial style is raw and intimate, motivated by a desire to capture nuanced and genuine moments of characters and subjects as they unpack the complex relationship between self and society.  As a recipient of the 2019 Creative Victoria Creators Fund, Jessica is currently in development on her debut hybrid feature film.

  5. Grace Tan is a writer and director based in Sydney, Australia. She has spent the last few years working internationally and locally in a variety of roles within narrative, commercial and documentary storytelling including working within the postproduction team for feature documentary films with VICE News/HBO and VICE in London. With a distinct visual aesthetic, Grace has a keen interest in stories that explore themes of gender, identity and society. 

A selection of film curated by Tessa Spooner