What happens? If I don’t?

                                    The lights go out. We die, and 

                                    are forgotten.       

 Frustrating, isn’t it?

A coven of transcendent, time-travelling witches wage war to restore forgotten queer histories. Yet having recently lost two of their own, and in dire need of replacements, questions begin to rise about the privilege of their power, and the power of history.

Existing outside of time and space, the coven trade the memories of their own lives on earth for power, immortality, and safety. Their role is to archive the lives and deaths of all ‘witches’ across time; to remember their names and their stories. This role, archivist, is their anchor, and they are explicitly forbidden from actively interfering with the timeline. But as the coven desperately seeks to maintain balance within their ranks and focus on the larger task at hand, tempers flare, threatening to destroy the delicate fabric of their existence and the histories they’ve curated. 

An epic lyrical and theatrical exploration of these forgotten histories, ​Guerilla  Sabbath​ is a fantastical reimagining of what they might have looked and sounded like. It is both a reclamation of the narrative that’s been lost and an aggressive exposé on the fallacy of the one we’ve been given.  

Written by William Hinz
Directed by George Lazaris
Assistant Direction/Dramaturgy by Meta Cohen
Performed by Domenica Garrett, Milo Hartill, Henry Kelly, Erin Pattison, Michelle Perera, and Nikki Viveca
Stage Management by Brooke Simmonds
Costume/Set Design by Thomas Bevans
Sound Design by Daniella Esposito
Lighting Design by Aedan Gale
Video design by Marcus Matthews
Lighting Tech by Ikshvak Sobti
Produced by Ryan Stewart
Image by Phoebe Taylor

Content Warning: Some references to violence against LGBTQIA+ individuals’

Download Guerilla Sabbath Program (accessible Word Doc)

‘[Hinz’ words] ​break like a wave over the audience, leaving them sitting in reflective, grieving, silence’


Tickets also available at www.midsumma.org.au