A dazzling new comedy murder mystery farce from the makers of Denouement! and Mystery Radio Theatre.

Six strangers attend a health spa, high in the Swiss Alps. Soon they become involved in murder, betrayal and some very questionable dieting advice. The guests are dying for a martini as the staff start dying for real. How can you find a killer when no one is who they claim to be…?

a delightful cross between an episode from an old detective series, a Monty Python sketch, and a game of Cluedo.

– Weekend Notes

Performed by Kathryn Tohill, Chris Saxton, Emily Carr, Kimberley Duband and Chris Tomkins

Image design by Chris Tomkins

Lighting and sound design by Allan Hirons

Written and produced by James Hazelden and Nicholas Rasche

Directed by James Hazelden

Image by Andrew J Morley

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