Despite the drought, it was a very fluid summer.

After a stint with the KGB,  Mrs.Robinson swaps her Kalashnikov for a Camera Obscura. Feeling the heat she lifts her skirt, zooms her fisheye lens onto her own dysfunctional family and……

ELLA FILAR’s  KROWS BAR  KABARET  in Vintage Underwear will have you dying for love and gasping for lust while the all-star cacophonous collection of vulgar, grotesque, sexy and sublime singers and musicians rock your jocks off with preposterously witty, madcap ideas and songs of the Weimar variety.

Warning: contains absurdity, audacity and climax change.

Created by Ella Filar

Performed by Casey Nicholls-Bull, Ruth Katerelos, Chris Molyneux, Alex Woolfe, Bruce Langdon, Tom Costigan, Ella Filar (keyboard), Martin Zakharov (Sax), Sally Banks (Violin), Roni Linser (Jembe).

Image by Darren Gill