Suitable for all ages.

Free street performances by Bonkel Theatre & Melissa Boag performed on the front Veranda of La Mama Courthouse.

No bookings are necessary. Make your way to La Mama Courthouse, 349 Drummond Street, Carlton at 5 pm between the 7th – 11th of July to see live puppet theatre on the streets of Carlton.

I Once Was a Tree

So old! So much life, and love. Now drifting, mixing memories float to the surface, urgently, and then elusively. What was I going to say?…  Norah finds light in the darkness of not knowing through her son Arthur …I can’t remember… Together they search in those hard to reach places for things you never thought you could lose.

Created and performed by Bonkel Theatre


The main character for the work is a tree spirit that takes the form of a saddened old man.  The man awakes in despair in the aftermath of a fire (conceived prior to the recent bushfires but highly relevant). The man feels the loss of the trees and animals but gradually there are some signs of new life in the form of new plants and a bird. 

Created and performed by Melissa Boag