Due to the current lockdown, The Mermaid has been postponed to the 28th of July – 1st of August.

Wednesday 28 July / 1pm &  7.30pm
Thursday 29th July / 7.30pm
Friday 30th July / 5pm &  7.30pm
Saturday 31st July / 1pm, 4pm, 7.30pm
Sunday 1st August / 1pm, 4pm, 7pm

Bookings are now open!

A manifesto for finding your voice and the power that comes with using it.

… she joined the chorus of the sea-doomed and sung the song that only sirens do, thrashing her tail and howling for herself.

The Mermaid is a reimagining of Hans Christian Andersen’s The Little Mermaid, created by an award-winning intergenerational team of teenage and adult theatre makers. Their re-telling traces the journey of a fifteen year old mermaid and her transformation, obsession, sacrifice, self-destruction and self-actualisation. A tragicomedy with a teenage chorus that has a screaming vision for a hopeful tomorrow.

“Fumi’s direction is focused on flowing, highly disciplined choreographed
physicality powering the work” – The Barefoot Review ★★★★1/2

This production is a part of the VCE playlist in 2021

Director: Cassandra Fumi

Artistic Associate: Tennessee Mynott-Rudland

Devised with and performed by: Allegra Di Lallo, An Dang, Theo Boltman, Casper Plum, Flora Feldman, Marshall Morgan, Asha Randall-Sheppard, Ella Simons and Frankie Willcox.

Set and Costume Designer: Dann Barber

Set and Costume Secondment: Savanna Wegman

Lighting Designer: Rachel Burke

Composer: Christopher Bolton

Sound Design: Bee Montagner with Ivy Luo

Assistant Director: Tove Due

Dramaturgy: Vidya Rajan

Performance Text: Izzy Roberts-Orr

Images by Casper Plum

Download: The Mermaid program (word doc)