The world premiere staged reading of a brand new musical by Green Room Award-winning writers Loclan Mackenzie-Spencer and Andrew Strano.

Red dirt. Isolation. A tight-knit family journeying with you as you hurtle around the sun at 107991 km/h. Mars? Or just Wagga Wagga? 

When Katie gets back home to Wagga after 6 years working in New York, she’s shocked by how much and how little has changed— until something changes that can never be changed back. 

With songs about the Opportunity Mars Rover, giant butterflies, dogs, dead owls and deep space, Andrew Strano & Loclan Mackenzie-Spencer take their trademark quirky, honest, and heartfelt look at grief, isolation, and how we can survive it together. 

“… Their songs weave threads of familiar feelings through unexpected topics, twanging at old hurts and remembered heartbreaks.” 
– Broadway Baby 

Content warning: Suicide 

Music by: Loclan Mackenzie-Spencer

Book & Lyrics by: Andrew Strano

Director / Dramaturgy: Casey Gould

Musical Director / Dramaturgy: Lucy O’Brien

Producers: Alexandria Garlan and Nick Rouse

Performed by: Daniel Cosgrove, Penny Larkins, Bianca Baykara, Bek Schilling, John Wood

Stage Manager: Ben Cronin

Lighting Design: Tim Bonser

Set & Costume Design: Madeline Nibali

Assistant Director: Sarah Frencham

Image by Sarah Walker 

Originally Commissioned by the Wagga Wagga Civic Theatre with the support of a City of Melbourne 2020 Arts Grant 

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Wagga Wagga Civic Theatre is a cultural facility of Wagga Wagga City Council