Sybylla Melvyn is a young woman on the verge of life and freedom and is determined, above all else, to break down the barriers keeping her from both. 

From the award-winning Skin of Our Teeth Productions comes My Brilliant Career, a theatrical re-imagining of Stella Miles Franklin’s timeless novel. This is the story of Sybylla Melvyn, a young woman on the verge of everything – hope, loss, freedom and the search for independence. Christine Davey’s adaptation is a glorious love letter to landscape and language, a homage to life. 

This production is part of the VCE Playlist 2021

Produced by Christine Davey and Skin of our Teeth Productions 

Designed by Christine Davey 

Directed by Christine Davey 

Performed by Madeleine Swain, Molly England, Simon Carroll, Dominic Westcott, Lanny Ryan, Ali Cruickshank, Mary Steuten, Ryan Tracey, Paula Kontelj 

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