Inclusive La Mama

The La Mama Access Program aims to engage the participation of artists and community members who face challenges in accessing arts and cultural opportunities.

Our Accessibility Action Plan has prioritised strategies that are realistic and achievable with the current resources and in the actual operating environment, while producing the greatest benefits for the everyday experience of patrons and artists with a disability as well as staff members.

La Mama is focusing upon 4 key strategy areas:

  • Increase participation of people with a disability through better access to La Mama.
  • Reduce barriers to persons with disabilities obtaining and maintaining artistic opportunities and employment.
  • Create audience development by making performances inclusive and accessible.
  • Lead changes in attitudes and practices that will enhance access for all.

The initiatives contained in our Action Plan will deliver benefits for all patrons and artists as well as demonstrate to the community that improving access is an ongoing organisational commitment for La Mama Theatre.

The La Mama Courthouse is now accessible for all patrons. However, the building is Heritage listed which means there are some things that are outside of our control. The doorway to the theatre is approximately 1 metre wide if you are a wheelchair user with a mobility device wider than this please get in touch before the show so we can try to meet your access requirements in the most comfortable way for you info@lamama.com.au or (03) 9347 6948.

Our newly built La Mama HQ on Faraday Street venue is now universally accessible.

La Mama encourages all artists to make shows here as accessible as possible, and seeks to engage with various communities about their access preferences for works. See our Artist Access Checklist HERE.

La Mama accepts Companion Cards and assistance animals are most welcome.

2021 – 2024 Accessibility Action Plan

Download the full document for all the details of our latest Action Plan

For more accessibility information for audiences please go HERE

2015 – 2018 Disability Action Plan HERE.