A Sustainable Future

Green is the new black here at La Mama with our Sustainability Action Plan in full force. We work to reduce our ecological impact with implemented strategies which lower our consumption of water and energy. Among our achievements are:

Reducing the number of our printed season brochure, which is printed on 100% recyclable paper

Offering the option of online show programs

Lowering our building’s energy and water consumption

Reducing the use of paper for administration work and using recycled paper when required

Raising artists’ awareness about their energy use and encouraging them to make more sustainable choices

Advocating for our audiences to choose more sustainable modes of transport

Stocking our venue with Who Gives a Crap 100% recycled toilet paper and tissues

Planning to rebuild La Mama Theatre as an energy-efficient building

For further information on our sustainability action plan please go HERE

An illustration that reads 'La Mama encourages you to travel sustainably'