A Theatre and Art Installation collaboration with DVA Theatre Company Sanctum Puppetry Studios and Arcko Symphonic Ensemble, spinning a yarn of ocean preservation and self -discovery.  

Come join DVA Theatre in collaboration with Sanctum Studios and Arcko Symphonic Ensemble as we spin a yarn of ocean preservation, breaking free and the place of community in healing and self- discovery. In world’s imagined and real, mythical and wild, gentle and brave, lonely and lost and found, see the centre starfish heart returned to a crying ocean in a story of restoration, release and love.  

Come sail your ships to the Concord School Theatre for an ocean full of performance, sound stories, puppetry, music, visual arts and projection art.

Spin Me a Yarn of the Ocean Spin me a Colourful Sky, Spin me round and upside down and watch the birds go free.
-DVA Theatre Ensemble

Directed By: Nicla Byrnes and Michael Buxton  

Performed by: DVA Theatre Company Ensemble  

Puppetry Artists: Lachlan Plain and Jasmine Powell  

Music by: Arcko Symphonic Ensemble and led by Tim Phillips 

Original music: Nicla Byrnes and Simone French   

Singer: Siobhan Housden  

Lighting by: Shane Grant and Mac Yee  

Stage Manager: Hayley Fox  

Photography Credit: Patti Green  

Graphic Design Credit: Declan Scott  

Costumes: Nicla Byrnes, Jeanette Wilks  

Sound Technician: Olivia Borghesan

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