Performed in a bathroom stall at the rebuilt La Mama theatre, Vacant/Engaged is an immersive performance experience that explores themes of anxiety, growth and renewal.

An innovative use of a common area, audience members are invited to individually enter a bathroom stall and discover someone crying, just needing to be alone. What follows is an honest monologue from a person who feels like a failure and is overwhelmed by life.

When everyday feels like walking on hot coals, can the person crying alone in the bathroom find the strength to journey down a new path?

Vacant/Engaged is an intimate exploration of the hope that can come from reaching rock-bottom.


Created by Dani Hayek

Performed by Alice Tovey

Assistant Producer Andreas Petropoulos

Image by Dani Hayek

This monologue runs for approx. 5 mins and will be performed continuously in each performance block for an audience of 1-2 people.