A participatory performance in public space to celebrate a ritual of rebirth.

Part-workshop, part-performance, The Rite of Rebirth is an open, participatory project that will integrate ancient therapeutic and contemporary artistic practices to generate a warm and welcoming connection between the community and the new La Mama space.

In the workshop component, participants will be guided through a range of wellbeing and creative activities, exploring their connection to the senses, breath, movement, sound, gesture, voice, rhythm and composition.

The workshop will then culminate in a participatory performative ritual of rebirth, taking place across the interior and exterior spaces of the La Mama building.

You are invited to join the workshop and take part in the final performance.

LOCATION: Whole space of La Mama HQ

Creative team: Pepe Inostroza, Leo Canales and Cote Duran

Original idea: Pepe Inostroza

Performed by Pepe Inostroza and workshop participants

Image by Pepe Inostroza

Content warning:
This experience involves possible interaction between performers and the audience. It is the result of an integration of ancient therapeutic and creative practices into a non-religious contemporary ritual. This artistic and spiritual expression might incorporate gestures, sounds and movements that could be perceived as confronting and disturbing for some people.