Take a moment. Sit down on the stool, put on the headphones, and look through the peephole. 

A contemporary repurposing of the cardboard diorama, Sonic Shoebox is a meditation on the fine line between living and dying. What drives people to freeze themselves, botox themselves, transplant themselves, re-make themselves … and is the outcome always a positive one? 

From the team that brought you 2017’s ‘Earshot’ comes an intimate and comic viewing and listening experience. Part internal monologue, part sound design extravaganza, Sonic Shoebox asks the very important question: When are we really, truly … dead?  

LOCATION: In and around the La Mama precinct

Created by Kate Hunter and Jem Savage 

Additional coding by Benjamin Savage 

Image by Leo Dale 

Content warning: 

Might include content about death, dying, dead bodies, and medical operations. But will probably be quite funny. And we should all be talking about this stuff anyway.