A live performance by a five-piece Melbourne-based indie rock band. 

Melbourne indie rock band, MAN CITY SIRENS, will perform a series of life-affirming songs to celebrate the return to life of the La Mama theatre in a musical story-telling that journeys from depictions of common human struggle to evocations of resilient fight-back epitomized in the dazzling energy of polyphonic music and in the poetic playfulness of lyrics delivered chorally and intended to infuse audiences’ hearts with joy and renew their spirits with optimism. Any and all may feel compelled to dance during the performance and will be welcome to do so! 

“A complex but utterly complete group that has all the qualities necessary to make an impact on the international stage”

Luca Scarfidi & Fadi Musa, Relics Controsuoni magazine, Italy, 2019. 

LOCATION: Forecourt steps

Produced, Designed, and Performed by MAN CITY SIRENS, the band 

Image by MAN CITY SIRENS, the band