A resurrection of the best theatre we have ever seen.

Life Changing Show is a tribute to live performance. Over the course of one evening, a group of Melbourne’s best theatremakers recall shows they have witnessed that moved them deeply. Life Changing Show is a rebirth of theatre past from the company that brought you the award nominated A Disorganised Reading of the Script from Contagion and the sold out The Bachelor s17e05. Bear witness as we resurrect the best shows we’ve ever seen.

“essentially all that theatre can be.” –the daily review

“…real-ness but with a dryness and an unapologetic anti-beauty-idealist aesthetic. It really delivers.” – the melbourne critique

“it’s hard not to find something to love” –time out


Produced by: The People

Created and Directed by: Katrina Cornwell and Morgan Rose

Created and Performed by: Lou Wall, Beng Oh, Emilie Collyer, Kate Hood, Jamie Lewis, Ahmarnya Price, Zak Pidd, Alice Will Caroline,  Ibrahim Halacoglu, and Liz Jones

Content warning: Strong language

Due to limited capacity, this event will also be livestreamed on La Mama’s Facebook and Youtube Channel.