‘Exploring the Depths’ is a solo piece born from the idea that the future is built on stories of the past.

Apprentice Oceanum is a member of the esteemed Apprentices of the Royal Explorers Society. Step up and ring the bell to awaken a series of short performances. Part truth, part myth, these are the stories of La Mama’s past – its performances, its people, and perhaps the ghosts of plays that never were.

LOCATION: Bridge Link, in front of the lift

Written, directed and performed by Karen Gee

Outside eye Felicity Steel

Specific accessibility information for this event:

Visual Rating: 75%
The event is fully subtitled or has minimal dialogue, some background music and/or sounds, so d/Deaf and hard of hearing audiences can have close to the full experience of the event.

Aural Rating: Below 50%
Has both sound and visual components, but sight isn’t essential to be able to engage with the event.