Blaxcellence: HAHA Night presents Afro-Diaspora and Indigenous comedians from far and wide for a night of comedy and side-splitting laughs. 

Blaxcellence is a platform that amplifies and celebrates black/blak artistic excellence by producing live performance events that put Afro-Diaspora and First Nations front and center of the stage. 

Join your favorite MC’ing duo Kush & JD at Blaxcellence: HAHA night for a night of comedy and laughs featuring Aurelia St Clair, Emo The Comedian, Samuel Gebreselassie, Ciang Ajiec and more. 

LOCATION: Rehearsal Hub

Presented by Nostalgic Events & VicHealth

Co-Produced by Kush Kuiy & Jolia Del 

This event is supported by VicHealth