When the home where your heart is turns to ashes your heart must turn into Phoenix. 

The projections of the burned La Mama walls appear on the outside walls of the new building. Krows Bar Kabaret evokes smoky, jagged, disturbing Weimar feel. A whirling shamanka encircles with the rings of fire. La Mama was never just Bricks and Mortar. The “seasons of paint. ….the images…the lines and meanings…the sweat and breath that seeped into the old bones of the theatre” infused those bricks and mortar with The Spirit of La Mama. ASHES offer a ritual that invites Spirit of La Mama to re-enter the new walls of the building that is now La Mama Theatre.

“uncensored, absurd, real and raw political ‘no excuses’ theatre – which is often hard to find in Melbourne”  

Weekend Notes  

LOCATION: Courtyard, Outside Rehearsal Hub


Directed by Ella Filar

Music and Song: Ella Filar

Projections Designed by Ella Filar/ John Jenkin

Costumes: Chris Molyneux/ Ella Filar

Performed by: Hemi Titokuwaru,  Chris Molyneux, Claire Nicholls, Ruth Katerelos, Ella Filar (keyboard) Martin Zakharov (sax) Sally Banks(violin) Peter Vidaveloo (percussion)

Fire Twirling: Elizabeth “Lish” Skeck

Technical/ Stage Manager: John Jenkin

Image by Glenn Hester/ Ella Filar