A romantic comedy about apples, time, and being enough as you are.

Leo and Art meet at a rooftop bar, and hit it off straight away, but when Leo’s world falls apart, they must put their faith in science if they are to see each other again.

A love-letter to science and being a big old nerd, The Girl Who Fell To Earth is a big-hearted romantic-comedy about loneliness, time, and apples, that asks how do we love now, and how do we accept others as they are?

Written and directed by Glenn Saunders
With: Tenielle Thompson, Lucie Chaix, Heidi Arena, Paul English
Producer: Remy Prichard
Cover image by Glenn Saunders

Access Information:

Visual rating 50%: Events are partly subtitled or include dialogue, background music and/or sounds, so d/Deaf and hard of hearing audiences can have some engagement with the event.

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Aural Rating 100%: Entirely sound-based with no visual elements and can be fully experienced by blind or low vision audiences.