The Butcher, The Baker…project was originally inspired by my experiences of living with a group of women on Amazon Acres deep in the New South Wales bush in the 1970’s “No men, no meat, no machines”.

A tale with a twist, The Butcher, The Baker…is a story of a woman who in an effort to probe the mystery of a man she is obsessed with but cannot get close to disguises herself as a male. Ingenious indeed except that the plan misfires and she is left with more than a sting in the tail!!!

“It’s a very dangerous play. It is not rude but it touches into the darker subconscious of sexuality. Though the play is not heavy, and is in fact very funny, the subject matter is unsettling” – Sue Ingleton, Herald Sun  

Read more about Amazon Acres – Sisterhood under siege on ABC here.

Writer /Director: Ella Filar/ Laurence Strangio

Songs: Ella Filar

Cast: Natasha Broadstock, Claire Nicholls, Fletcher Dyson, Myf Powell (Voice) James Titokuwaru ( Voice)  Martin Zakharov ( Sax) Sally Banks ( Violin) Roni Linser (Percussion)  

Artwork: Chris Molyneux 

Technical: John Jenkin