LUNG is a radio play about a woman awaiting a lung transplant. Anna and her Lungs – her valiant, cheerful and constant companion – live with a serious lung disease. With grim determination and moments of humour, Anna and Lungs contend with the daily struggle to survive on the Waiting List – awaiting the call from the transplant team to inform Anna that they have an organ match for her. There is lightness amongst the dark periods for Anna, Lungs, her partner and mother as Anna faces challenges, setbacks and a parade of respiratory specialists.

The cast of professional actors will create a live soundscape and effects for the radio play.

LUNG was originally commissioned by the Victorian Seniors Festival for Radio Reimagined.

Writer /Director: Kate Herbert

Cast: Nikki Coghill, Carole Patullo, Geoff Wallis, Geraldine Cook, Maureen Andrew    

Artwork: Joe Calleri

The reading will run approximately 45 mins with 30 mins for post-show feedback.